Creating market
We tear down market boundaries to enable everyone to shape their own lives
Activating the African potential We’re building a world where everyone has the power to shape their lives.

Our Objectives

It’s our mission to help people reduce their poverty by a huge number of helpful campaigns to make it essential.


Enabling them to know and reach out to the opportunities that are available to them.


Giving them the information necessary to make the best decisions for themselves


Enabling them to leverage resources and invest in their own future.
About us

We are CoAmana

We identify business cases and develop commercially-viable, market-enabling social technologies to create true access. In 2018, we set out to improve the livelihoods of Nigerians by solving some of the market access inefficiencies that result in the poor performance of their businesses and farmers.

Mercy Corps Agrifin ALE Award Winner

Linking Farmers to Markets

For creating access to financial services, insurance through ACRE and credits/loans through Sterling Bank for SHFs on their market access platform- Amana Market

Who we are.

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Figure out what Gainlove are most deserving of your dollars, what proactive missions are. 

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Capacity Building & Value Creation

Work with us to provide capacity support to farmers and small business

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